Each federal branch works in collaboration to advance the interests of the citizens of the United States. This same philosophy is used to advance the interests of our clients. We work with government leaders and our client to advance both sets of goals and objectives. Therefore, we view ourselves as a synergistic extension of our clients’ staff and attempt to become fully integrated in their organization. A long-term working relationship is the basis for a measurable-definable strategy.


The federal branches work for the U.S. citizenry, this is public policy. RWGS relate the client’s interest with that philosophy to generate a tailored tactical guide to the legislative / executive process. Results are predictable in part, and in another part, less predictable. Recalibrating the tactical guide when necessary maintains the client’s success level in any subsequent phases.


The RWGS team of government affairs professionals can produce progressive client successes that are based on a nontraditional triad of personalized attention, innovative solutions, and guided expertise. These are the core strengths in every strategy we form to fulfill the client's hard business objectives.